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May 25th * CET h. 16.00-18.00 Convergence of forces: The Power of Collective Engagement in Architecture / Convergenza di forze: il potere dell’impegno collettivo nell’architettura

Event hosted by

17. LA BIENNALE DI VENEZIA 2021 * ITALIAN PAVILION Resilient Communities

DECOLONIZING THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT – Alessandro Melis + Curatorial team RebelArchitette

Biennale Architettura di Venezia 2021 * PADIGLIONE ITALIA- Comunità Resilienti

25 maggio ore 16.00 – 18.00 / may 25th  h 16.00 – 18.00 CET / online ZOOM EVENT FB and YouTube www.comunità

“A collective is a group of entities that share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together to achieve a common objective.” 
In architecture and spatial practices, feminist, queer, intersectional collectives have been gaining more and more visibility in the past decades. 
How have these groups emerged, what are their agendas and motivations, and how do they harness the power of the collective to deconstruct oppressive structures? With a roundtable gathering voices coming from various corners of spatial disciplines and activism, the conversation will aim at addressing with honesty the challenges and chances that collective work bring along. We will tackle organisation and camaraderie, strategies and action planning, cohesion and longevity- questions inherent to jointly-accomplished work and group structures, as well as discuss obstacles—cooptation, instrumentalization and optical recognition among others. We also hope to see how we can learn from the radical agendas and tools brought to the table, from empowerment via self-building, to housing collectives and policy change, to political engagement in queer communities, to institutional activism and feminist work groups. We hope to outline why collectives are forces to recon with, and how these converge toward dismantling unjust conditions within the built environment at large.
with Hanna Asefaw (Reduser Husleia), Carina Guedes de Mendonça (Arquiterura na periferia), Nancy Naser El Din (activist & architect), Francesca Perani (Rebelarchittete), and Amy Perkins (Parity Group/ Assemble); moderated and organised by Charlotte Malterre-Barthes (Parity Front/ Harvard GSD).
Convergenza di forze: il potere dell’impegno collettivo nell’architettura “Un collettivo è un gruppo di entità che condividono o sono motivate da almeno un problema o interesse comune, o lavorano insieme per raggiungere un obiettivo comune.” In architettura, i collettivi femministi, queer e intersezionali hanno acquisito sempre più visibilità negli ultimi decenni. Come sono emersi questi gruppi, quali sono i loro programmi e le loro motivazioni e come sfruttano il potere del collettivo per decostruire le strutture oppressive?
con Hanna Asefaw (Reduser Husleia), Carina Guedes de Mendonça (Arquiterura na periferia), Nancy Naser El Din (activist & architect), Francesca Perani (Rebelarchittete), and Amy Perkins (Parity Group/ Assemble); moderato e organizzato da Charlotte Malterre-Barthes (Parity Front/ Harvard GSD).



Alessandro Melis

Curator of the Italian Pavillion

moderato da/moderated by

Charlotte Malterre-Barthes

Parity Front / Harvard GSD 



Carina Guedes

ArquiteruraNaPeriferia – Brazil

Hanna Asefaw

Reduser Husleia – Norway

Nancy Naser El Din

Activist and architect – Lebanon

Francesca Perani

RebelArchitette – Italy

Amy Perkins 

Parity Front -Switzerland


Event curated by

PARITYFRONT + RebelArchitette



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RebelArchitette, is an Italian not for profit association advocating for equality, respect and justice in architecture.

In 2018 we were flash mobbing in Venice together with VowArchitects thanks to a generous call made by Caroline James and Louise Braverman architects.

When invited by Alessandro Melis to coordinate a section entitled  Decolonising the Built Environment, we decided to share this opportunity with all the Italian female professionals we would love to see in newspapers, books, conferences for their outstanding value.

Enjoy and let us know what you think 😉


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