Erke Ladurner

Architekten Marx/Ladurner / Cofondatrice Co-founder

Silandro, Trentino – Alto Adige, Italy


Dr. Arch. Elke Ladurner Universitá Innsbruck e Venezia, laureata a Venezia Stage dall’arch. Wener Tscholl Collaborazione con arch. Walter Dietl Iscrizione all’ordine degli architetti di Bolzano 2017 Dal 2001 studio comune Architekten Marx/Ladurner a Silandro con arch. Marx Stephan Il concetto principale è il posto e ciò che ci circonda, come il nostro modo di vivere, il paesaggio, le tradizioni e le risorse in generale. Con questi elementi in mente ci poniamo ad ogni progetto la domanda: cosa possiamo preservare, cosa tralasciare e cosa accettare.


Dr. Arch. Elke Ladurner University of Innsbruck and Venice, graduated in Venice Stage at Arch. Wener Tscholl Collaboration with arch. Walter Dietl Member of the Order of architects of Bolzano since 2017 Since 2001 joint studio Architekten Marx/Ladurner – Silandro with Arch. Marx Stephan The main concept is the place and what surrounds us, such as our way of life, the landscape, traditions and resources in general. With these elements in mind for each project we ask ourselves the question: what can we preserve, what should be added and what should be left out.


Principali ambiti di progettazione

Architettura d’Interni, Architettura, Urbanistica

Main fields

Interior Architecture, Architecture, Urban Planning


interessata a partecipare a

Giurie, eventi in qualità di relatrice

interested in 

Juries, public speaking


#architetturasouthtyrol #minimalism #oldnew #regional #architetturainterni


text by the architect.
photo credits:
2: René Riller
3: Daniel Zangler
4: Daniel Zangler
5: René Riller


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RebelArchitette, is an Italian not for profit association advocating for equality, respect and justice in architecture.

In 2018 we were flash mobbing in Venice together with VowArchitects thanks to a generous call made by Caroline James and Louise Braverman architects.

When invited by Alessandro Melis to coordinate a section entitled  Decolonising the Built Environment, we decided to share this opportunity with all the Italian female professionals we would love to see in newspapers, books, conferences for their outstanding value.

Enjoy and let us know what you think 😉


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