Federica Sofia Zambeletti

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Milano, Lombardia, Italy


Federica Sofia Zambeletti è la fondatrice di KooZA / rch, una piattaforma digitale sperimentale che ricerca il ruolo dell’Immaginario Architettonico. Fin dalla sua concezione presso l’Architectural Association School of Architecture di Londra [AA], KooZA / rch ha cercato di catalizzare una conversazione critica sulla definizione e il potenziale dell’architettura oltre la sua forma costruita.


Federica Sofia Zambeletti is the Founder of KooZA/rch, an experimental digital platform researching the potential of the Architectural Imaginary. Since its conception as a student-led platform at the Architectural Association School of Architecture of London [AA], KooZA/rch has sought to catalyse a critical conversation around the definition and potential of architecture beyond its built form. Exploratory realms are the foundation of revolutionary ideas and ways of approaching Architecture as a discipline rather than as a form.


Principali ambiti di progettazione

Curatela, Architettura

Main fields

Curatorship, Architecture


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text by the architect.
photo credits:
2: Monica Palfy
3: Cosmos Architecture
4: Lauren Fagan
5: Enoch Liang


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RebelArchitette, is an Italian not for profit association advocating for equality, respect and justice in architecture.

In 2018 we were flash mobbing in Venice together with VowArchitects thanks to a generous call made by Caroline James and Louise Braverman architects.

When invited by Alessandro Melis to coordinate a section entitled  Decolonising the Built Environment, we decided to share this opportunity with all the Italian female professionals we would love to see in newspapers, books, conferences for their outstanding value.

Enjoy and let us know what you think 😉


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