Francesca Sarti

Arabeschi di Latte / Fondatrice Single founder

London, London, United Kingdom


Francesca Sarti è una designer interdisciplinare basata a Londra. E’ nata a Firenze dove si è formata come architetta. Si è affermata soprattutto come fondatrice e direttrice creativa dello studio Arabeschi di Latte. Sfumando i confini tra cibo, design e architettura, lo studio ha creato ed esposto a livello internazionale, una varietà di progetti come installazioni, esperienze interattive, spazi, performance, oggetti conviviali e workshop.


Francesca Sarti is an interdisciplinary designer based in London. She was born in Florence where she was trained as an architect. Above all, she has established herself as the founder and creative director of design studio Arabeschi di Latte. Blurring the boundaries between food, design and architecture, the studio has created and exhibited internationally, a variety of projects such as installations, interactive experiences, spaces, performances, social objects and immersive workshops.


Principali ambiti di progettazione

Allestimenti, Ricerca / Insegnamento

Main fields

Exhibition Design, Research / Teaching


interessata a partecipare a

Giurie, eventi in qualità di relatrice, sessioni di didattica o esami

interested in 

Juries, public speaking, seasonal teaching or crits


#immersiveexperience #fooddesign #experientialdesign #socialspace #interactiveinstallation


text by the architect.
photo credits:
2: Selfridges / Andrew Meredith
3: Ciam
4: Tom Mannion
5: Boisbuchet
6: Amandine Alessandra

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RebelArchitette, is an Italian not for profit association advocating for equality, respect and justice in architecture.

In 2018 we were flash mobbing in Venice together with VowArchitects thanks to a generous call made by Caroline James and Louise Braverman architects.

When invited by Alessandro Melis to coordinate a section entitled  Decolonising the Built Environment, we decided to share this opportunity with all the Italian female professionals we would love to see in newspapers, books, conferences for their outstanding value.

Enjoy and let us know what you think 😉


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