Verena Messner

Messner Architects / Cofondatrice Co-founder

Collalbo, Trentino – Alto Adige, Italy


*1985 Studia architettura all’Università di Innsbruck, Austria Si laurea presso l’istituto di architettura sperimentale ./studio3 E’ membro dell’ordine degli architetti (BZ) I fratelli David e Verena Messner hanno fondato lo studio Messner Architects nel 2013 sull’altipiano del Renon nelle vicinanze di Bolzano a 1.200 m.s.l.m. Lo studio segue un approccio contemporaneo per ogni scala e tipologia d’intervento, dall’edilizia abitativa ed edifici funzionali, al disegno di mobili fino a progetti nel paesaggio.


*1985 She graduated in architecture at University of Innsbruck (Austria) She earned a University degree at the Institute for Experimental Architecture./studio3 She is member of the Chamber of Architects (BZ) Messner Architects is founded in 2013 by David and Verena Messner, brother and sister. The studio is located at 1.200 near Bolzano in Northern Italy. The practice works with a contemporary approach in any scale, ranging from housing and functional buildings to furniture-design up to landscape projects.


Principali ambiti di progettazione

Architettura d’Interni, Architettura, Paesaggio

Main fields

Interior Architecture, Architecture, Landscape


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2: Davide Perbellini
3: Oliver Jaist
4: Oliver Jaist
5: Karina Castro
6: Davide Perbellini

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RebelArchitette, is an Italian not for profit association advocating for equality, respect and justice in architecture.

In 2018 we were flash mobbing in Venice together with VowArchitects thanks to a generous call made by Caroline James and Louise Braverman architects.

When invited by Alessandro Melis to coordinate a section entitled  Decolonising the Built Environment, we decided to share this opportunity with all the Italian female professionals we would love to see in newspapers, books, conferences for their outstanding value.

Enjoy and let us know what you think 😉


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