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* Creative Direction / Strategy / international partnership * architect / art director/  illustrator / Francesca Perani Enterprise

Editor / social media manager

*  Social Media Managing editor – Photographer * Architect THE CATERPILAR/ Photographer


*  Managing editor  / italian women architect * Architect / Designer


*  international women architect / Managing editor * Architect / PhD Research Architect

Curator / Universities

*  national  universities / institution / Managing editor * Architect / PhD Research Architect

Timefor50 report / professional stamp Architetta

*  italian architectural associations * Experienced architect in Public Administration  

Editor / public institutions

*  international universities / institution * Architect  

*  italian women architect editor * Architect


* editor * Architect

Editor / Latin America

Architect & Designer / Guatemala / Italy    

Architect / illustrator

Architect / architeteca

Contributors and members of RebelArchitette "early season" without whom nothing would have been possible!

Ilenia Perlotti* interior designer  in charge of Book Graphic Design and group coordination /  Claudia Manenti *  Architect and Visual artist  – Book Editor / Giulia Baroni * architecture Student – Editor/ Silvia Carrara * architecture Student – Editor /  Martina Colombari * architecture Student – Editor/ *Mary Kaldani  architect  – Editor / *Martina Ottaviano architect – Editor / Giusy Paterno architect –  Editor /  *Michela Ceccotti  graphic designer assistant / Giovanna Bosis  – translator – Book Proof reader / Marta Brambilla architect – writer –  Public Relations 


Michela Ceccotti / Chiara Birolini / Sara Pacati / Maddalena Balduzzi



A collective, open project raising awareness and promoting research and information around the recognition of the role of women architects – still too far from the spotlight – at the national and international levels.


The ultimate aim of this project is to promote a heterogeneous and fair professional landscape where Women architects become reference figures for the new generations. By offering role models of excellence in the world of architecture to young female and male students, as well as juries, academics, organizers of exhibitions, and journalists, we want to guarantee a more inclusive and equal view of the profession.


Architette=Women architects Here we are! was initially intended as a non-profit editorial project, an online book to be published coinciding with the opening of the Venice Biennale 2018, to promote 365 role models of excellence of women architects from all over the world presented on an open-source platform.


With members from Italy, Europe, and Canada, the RebelTeam was established in Bergamo, Italy, in May 2017. 

Everything started discussing the intense national debate grown after the approval of the professional stamp in the feminine declination Architetta (meaning Woman Architect – in Italy, until then the official mark was only available in the masculine architetto).

Up to 2019, only 5 of the 106 Italian architect associations have allowed the use of the professional stamp in the feminine. They are Naples, Rome, Lecce, Turin, and Bergamo.

The group identified 3 main goals:

DISSEMINATE female role models of excellence

nationally and internationally, through the self-published book “ARCHITETTE = WOMEN ARCHITECTS Here we are!” and the facebook platform Architette.

RAISE AWARNESS of the need for equal gender participation

in the architecture field, through the international campaign and report #timefor50 #timeforequality (in all professions), addressed to all those involved in the organization of events and the promotion of architecture: professional associations, private organizers, jury organizers, journalists, etc.

The REPORT #timefor50 investigates the unbalanced presence of female speakers in 411 events organized in Italy between 2017 and 2018, and it is freely available online.

The statistics are bleak: over the 411 events average 26% female speakers against 74% male speakers. 

37% of events have been all-male based. #manels

DIFFUSE the importance of the application of gendered language

in the profession normalizing the use of the professional title Architetta and the dedicated professional stamp in the feminine form.

We strongly encourage a declared commitment to networking and mutual support between Italian and international professionals through the creation of specific online and offline events and mentoring activities.


International advisors support our curatorial work with their expertise in their own geographical areas – to make sure outstanding professionals will not be left invisible.

Students, curators, researchers, universities, journalists, architecture amateurs are heartily invited to keep joining us in the making of this incredible geo-located directory!

Professora do curso de Arquitetura e Urbanismo | UniDoctum / Teófilo Otoni, Minas Gerais  / Brasile    

architect / urban planner / activist / founder of Arquitetas Negras Belo Horizonte / Brasil    

architect / partner of AR arquitetos Sao Paolo / Brasil

architect Montreal/Canada/Greece  

Architect and designer working from and for the African world/s Praia, Cabo Verde/ West Africa    

Architect and Master in Cultural Management / Expert in architecture journalism and digital content / Head of Community & Partnerships at ArchDaily / Former Editor-in-Chief at Plataforma Arquitectura          

Facilitator, planner, moderator, analyst, networker and feminist in service of more equitable urban planning. Head of Participatory Planning Office, Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava, Co-founder, Director of WPS Prague Prague/ CZECH REPUBLIC    

Architect /educator /researcher /author Belgium/Britain/Finland

architect / town planner / founder of the prize of women architects in France/ director of ARVHA/ chairwoman of WIA fr Paris / France    

Architect & Designer GUATEMALA    

Architect and Urban Conservationist | Principal Architect, Somaya & Kalappa Consultants | Founder Trustee – The HECAR Foundation | Chairperson – Women In Design 2020+ / A.D White Professor-at-large, Cornell University. USA | Chairperson, Board of Governors, School of Planning and […]

p&b ceo / researcher and architect / iranian women architects consultant          

nesha ceo / researcher and architect /  iranian women architects consultant          

Architect founder Pardini Hall architecture / Lucca / Italy /

architect / social urban facilitator Bergamo / Italy

author / Chief Editor WEARCH Milan / Italy

architect / urban designer  co-founder of SMALL / writer Milan / Italy

architect / writer / journalist Florence / Italy

architect / initiator of MoMoWo / historian of architecture, construction and design / curator / editor Turin/Italy

Architect  / Social Facilitator /GAMS GiovaniArchitettiMassaCarrara Chairman / Carrara ITALY    

Interior decorator / International lighting company consultant    

Bachelor architecture student at UNAM Mexico city /Mexico    

Architect/Professional Teaching Fellow/Activist Auckland/New Zealand/Aotearoa

architect – curator – professor Porto Architectural Affairs  

architect / Diogo Aguiar studio Porto / Portugal

architect feminist researcher activist teacher  mother co founder Mulheres na Arquitectura – Lisbona / Portugal

architect activist founder of the Society of Women Architects Belgrade / Serbia

architect – activist Durban CNN Architects  

Architect / Exhibition Designer / GERMANY / SOUTH KOREA    

Architecture student – Lund University / FEMARK  Chairman ( Feministiska Arkitektstudenter Lund ) SWEDEN    

architect Malmo / Sweden  

Architect / Founder & Editorial Director New York City / USA    

Director Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion School of Architecture at Syracuse University / Co-Founder ArchiteXX / NY USA    

RebelASSOCIATIONS/COLLECTIVES we are inspired by

International and national communities working towards equality in building and design field/
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