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This platform is in progress


This is an online open editorial project curated by RebelArchitette team.

The map displayed 365 studios in November 2019, it reached 555 studios in march 2020 and currently collects an overall of 732 studios.

The studios have been extracted from the original 365 women architects selected in the framework of the non-profit e-book ARCHITETTE=WOMENARCHITECTS Here we are!  

368 studios have been proposed by International Avisors

This online publication is an open free cultural project.
Any use of this content should respect the sharing-knowledge spirit behind it and credit owner’s rights. The profiles include images and pieces of information of the public domain, which are appropriately attributed by mentioning the list of sources.

All architects featured in this platform have been selected arbitrarily by our team. They are not in any way to be considered supporters of this project (even though many are).
The editorial team is not responsible for any imprecision. Nevertheless, any mistakes pointed out will be corrected promptly. Please, interact with us at

This project finds its place alongside similar international initiatives,
the French ARVHA or the Italian/European MOMOWO, these directories  arose from the need to give women designers a voice, which the media often  struggle to identify.

This ongoing, open project has been possible thanks to submissions by women architects to the Open Call (2018), the support of media partners, associations working on women gender equality in this profession, and to the invaluable profiles put forward by women and men.

This site is now possible thanks to the generosity of women architects who are giving us the right to publish their work and to a growing number of volunteers researching and editing content.


This fast-growing map is meant to be both a source of inspiration for young professionals and a directory available to anyone who is interested in a fairer representation of the work of women in architecture (such as journalists, professional bodies, event organizers, academics, jury panel organizers, etc.).

A growing directory of women architects as an open, dynamic tool for any association, journalist, educator, student, jury and panel organizer, advocating for a needed equality change in architecture.

we strive against the lack of visibility for women architects in the professional public space.


We know our work is not complete, our goal is to highlight and share as many female voices as possible, architects we didn’t spot in our initial search from all over the world, especially in areas with the least media exposure. In the coming months, we will collaborate with associations, researchers, students, and advisors willing to highlight their #womenarchitects on our map. We will soon open the platform to open calls.

Bear in mind we are a young collective but a soon-to-be association working on our own resources. We also need you to help us grow. 

Sharing profiles or the whole project on your social networks can already be a great sign of your support. We count on you (also expect a donate button in the next phase!).


RebelArchitette is a creative collective whose work is currently done upon a volunteer base, supported by the curatorial help of international advisors (students, curators, journalists, teachers, professionals, researchers, activists, etc.) and media partners willing to provide a fairer landscape of role models in architecture for the future generation of architects.

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A young person's choice depends on their (HER) inclination but also on the good fortune of finding a great (SHE)mentor

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