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#Architetta Caroline James / USA
Assoc. AIA | Co-Founder of Voices of Women VOW Architects

Caroline James is an architectural designer and advocate currently based in Boston, MA. 
She was one of the co-instigators of the Pritzker Petition to Recognize Denise Scott Brown as Equal Partner. 
The Petition went viral, garnering over 20,000 signatures and helping to reinvigorate the debate about inclusion, equal recognition and joint creativity in Architecture. 
Caroline has since collaborated internationally, serving on the steering committee for the Flash Mobs for Architecture at the 2018 Venice Biennale of Architecture 
and 2018 AIA National Conference in New York. 

Most recently, VOW Architects and RebelArchitette organized the campaign to recognize Doriana Fuksas as an equal collaborator at Studio FUKSAS. 
Caroline is currently pursuing AIA licensure and working in an architecture firm in South Boston.
Bio source - Open call RebelArchitette / Spontaneous Application 

Portrait photo by BRIAN SMITH
Caroline James, Denise Scott Brown and Arielle Assouline photo by women in Design
Venice Biennale Flash-mob-equity-/-photo-Palumbo
AIA FLash-mob-equity-photo by Mari Kon



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